It’s now ok to be female in Tunisia …

… But, “Islamists have been protesting against the gender equality plans declared by Tunisian president […]

Jesus to go

‘God’s losing battle‘ was the headline to my post on August 3 discussing the results […]

God’s losing battle

The Christian share of the US population is falling, while the number of American adults […]

‘blasphemous’ Stephen Fry under investigation by Irish cops

Actor and comedian Stephen Fry is in trouble because of comments he made on a […]

Was Jesus a pot head?

  Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal […]

Canada ends marijuana prohibition

The Canadian government has introduced legislation  to regulate recreational marijuana by July 2018, “paving the […]

Along came a spider …

Too late for me, but perhaps not for thousands of others! The bite from an […]

The true king of rock is dead

Chuck Berry, The Man whose whose guitar licks inspired everyone from the Rolling Stones, to […]

New verb enters English language

To ‘trump someone‘ derives from American president Donald Trump’s ban on legitimate entries to the […]

Donald trumps Canadian girl guides

“Canada’s Girl Guides cancel all US travel as Trump rules spark fears at border,” that’s […]