Stop the world — I want to get off …

… I really do.  Donnie Trump behaves as if he’s been ordained to lead not […]

Letter to America

Does the following remind you of anyone? Manipulative, grandiose, lying, dictatorial, secretive, alien, divisive. It […]

Ruth Brunn, 98, finally said yes to marijuana …

  … “She pops a green pill filled with cannabis oil into her mouth with […]

Donnie Trump and the Trumpets!

Oh! the horror! I was gobsmacked, awestruck and mind-boggled, and all at the same time […]

Of me and MaryJane. Or, how I learned to live with myself

It’s April, 2011, and I’m on board the Jubilee, a motor yacht-cum-hospital ship in the […]

Apple to EU – what are loopholes for?

I’ve never liked Apple or Steve Jobs, the brilliant marketing entrepreneur who once ran the […]

Marijuana — a lot of papal bull

God’s latest Main Man on Earth, Argentenian cleric Jorge Mario Bergoglio, absolute ruler of the […]

Feds are out to get ‘us’

They’re out to get us, ‘us’ being anyone who uses medicinal cannabis. That’s a lot […]

EU draft guidelines for online rights and freedoms

Yesterday, WikiLeaks released the second Draft of EU “Human Rights policy Guidelines on Freedom of […]

Fried chicken with a side of God’s judgment?

  God-fearing Dan T Cathy is the CEO of KFC wannabe Chick-fil-A; now read on […]