TPP, anyone ??

The corporate entertainment cartels  never give up,  Why bother to woo  consumers when you can […]

An interesting day

It was an interesting day, yesterday. I’ve been having trouble with my health and because […]

Zuckerberg strikes again!

Looks like Marky boy is at it again. “You may have seen a friend post […]

Mars, anyone?

  You know the upcoming Mars Mission  and how ordinary people can potentially make a […]

Rob Ford and the Butterfly effect

Remember way back when Chaos theory was the current ‘ thing’ –– like,  when a […]

Google –– barging in

Because of the as yet unresolved technical issues, I haven’t posted anything for quite a […]

‘Offshore Leaks’ investigation team earns honorary doctorate

Honest, fair and accurate reporting is still alive, Fox News notwithstanding Proof came came when […]

And you thought your ‘private’ stuff was private!?

UK and US spy agencies have penetrated much of the online encryption used by people […]

Goldman Sachs exec nominated as US ambassador to Canada

When Obushma was running for president in 2008, he pledged to be a different kind […]

Wall Street bosses –– still living the high life

Five years after the near-collapse of the US financial system, the  country’s economy c remains […]