Un-baby me !!!

I can now reveal, exclusively,  the latest royal baby  will not be named Fred,  as […]

UK to ban kiddie porn

“In the most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the  “corroding” influence […]

Dear JamieThomas-Rasset, ‘come and work for us’ — RIAA

Under the give me a phukin’ break heading, Big Music-owned enforcement/blackmail outfit, the RIAA, wants […]

Steve Harper’s cabinet softshoe shuffle — quotable quotes

Still on Steve Harper’s  cabinet softshoe shuffle,  in the National Post‘s  Full Comment, Chris Selley […]


In yesterday’s post Steve Harper’s new cabinet: ‘even larger and more inconsequential’ I incorrectly attributed  […]

Steve Harper’s new cabinet: ‘even larger and more inconsequential’

“The revelation that Stephen Harper has an ‘enemies’ list should come as no surprise,”  John […]

We the people …

Earlier today  I posted  an item headlined :‘Treat Ed Snowden’s asylum claim fairly’coalition  in which […]

‘Treat Ed Snowden’s asylum claim fairly’: coalition

A coalition of 19 groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation representing some 900,000 people,  is […]

Astronaut nearly drowned — in space!

Luca Parmitano, Italy’s first spacewalker,  apparently nearly drowned  —  while  he was in the middle […]