Fried chicken with a side of God’s judgment?

  God-fearing Dan T Cathy is the CEO of KFC wannabe Chick-fil-A; now read on […]

TPP, anyone ??

The corporate entertainment cartels  never give up,  Why bother to woo  consumers when you can […]

An interesting day

It was an interesting day, yesterday. I’ve been having trouble with my health and because […]

Zuckerberg strikes again!

Looks like Marky boy is at it again. “You may have seen a friend post […]

Calling Mary Jane

Wotcha all: A while back, I started using marijuana to supplement the highly expensive Big […]

Canada’s shame –– the movie: released to the world!

Canada’s Great White Chief, Steve ‘Promises, Promises’ Harper, shied away from serious financial, health, sanitation, […]

Injunction delays changes to Medijuana system

Anyone who has a permit to grow Medijuana (my word for medical cannabis) under Health […]

Oil polution in schools

Earlier, I did a post slugged Too Bad to be true which outlines a few […]

Too bad to be true?

When obvious VCIs (Vested Corporate Interests) use kids as marketing tools,  dressing up their tawdry […]

Mars, anyone?

  You know the upcoming Mars Mission  and how ordinary people can potentially make a […]