We’ll make changes: Schmidt on EU antitrust probe

 Google chairman Eric Schmidt is trying to stave off the antitrust tsunami threatened by a […]

GIT going!!! Open-source government

Here’s a great story about how Martha Payne’s school lunch blog NeverSeconds  went wildly viral  […]

Some Canadian Web sites ‘leak’ personal info, says federal privacy commissioner

Some leading sites in Canada are “inappropriately leaking ‘registered users’ personal information,’ including names, email […]

Jason Kenney’s ‘pink mail’

 “Jason Kenney, the sitting Minister of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada, recently sent out a […]

Recognise the guy on the left?

Same as the guy on the right, except he’s now wearing contacts  and sporting a […]

Internet Association to the rescue?

Until I opened my email this morning, I’m embarrassed to confess I’d never heard of […]

Goodbye status quo

With the murder of  the ambassador to Libya, and three other diplomats, still front and […]

Himalayan mountaineering tragedy

At least nine climbers have been killed and another four are missing after one of […]

New Eolas ‘shakedown’?

The Eolas Wars are on again. The University of California  Is aligning itself with Eolas […]