Apple’s iPhone 5 boo-boo

Oh No!  Say it ain’t so! Apple fans are really pissed  with Apple because  it’s […]

The evil that is Fa$ebook

Once his glibness, Mark Zuckerberg,  and his crew of scurvy data pirates get their hooks […]

iPhone 5 — Uncool : (

Back in January, in response to reports of repeated worker suicides, toxic working conditions and […]

FISA spying bill passes the house

FISA, better known  to the general public as The spying Bill, “just passed the house,” […]

Europeana releases 20 million records into public domain using CC0

Europeana — Europe’e digital library — has released 20 million records into the public domain using the […]

‘I was ecstatic’ — deaf user on iPhone FaceTime for mobiles

 “When I learned that Apple would finally be enabling the iPhone’s FaceTime app to work […]

We Fight

WeFightCensorship to join Wikileaks and Cryptome: That’s the headline to a Zero Paid story which […]

CRTC — ‘consumer-oriented focus’

The Canadian communications world is focused this week on the proposed merger between Bell and […]

$222,000, or $9250 per song …

The  champagne corks will be popping  over in RIAA Land. The US Court of Appeals […]

Facebook acquires the Vancouver Sun!

 Well,  not really — but as good as 😉 Speaking of  the media and freedom […]