Freedom of speech in Britain

“The aim of the Bill is to reform the law of defamation to ensure that […]

Meet Bellflix

On the  heels of its proposed takeover of Astral Media, Bell  now wants to  launch […]

Pay up! — German chancellor Merkel tells Google

Google  has been getting away it for Lo! These many years. Ever since, In fact, […]

Sacre bleu!

Footie,  also known to the uninitiated as  football and soccer,  “has been given a black […]

Coltan, anyone?

The little boy  on the right is smiling for one reason only: someone’s taking his […]

The Bev Oda odour …

Beverley Joan “Bev” Oda, PC, MP (born July 27, 1944) is a retired Canadian politician. […]

Pussy Riot ups the ante

  Female punk protest band Pussy Riot have released a new video in which they […]

Canada gives Iran the boot

Canada has finally  severed all diplomatic relations  with Iran, citing Iran’s “increasing military assistance to […]

Anonymous declares war on surveillance systems

Surveillance systems everywhere may soon come under  attack from the Anonymous collective. “Worldwide governments are […]

Chinese students shanghaied to build your next iPhone?

Now it’s  “putting the finishing touches on the most anticipated smartphone in history, Chinese students […]