Amazon — all Fired up

Amazon is pulling out all stops with a larger, high-speed Kindle $500 Fire tablet directly […]

Gary McKinnon — extradition countdown

We may have to wait another 10 days before finding out if Britain’s Gary McKinnon, […]

When advertising goes wrong

Nokia admits using a fake video to tout its Lumia 920’s “ground-breaking PureView imaging capabilities.” […]

Get yer Chromebox here!

Google’s true nature has now been held up to the light. It’s a huckster. “Today […]

Québec premier elect in fatal shooting incident

Things went badly awry for Québec premier-elect Pauline Marois  as she was was giving her […]

Mercy ships

With the hundreds of billions of dollars raked in not every year, but every day […]

Of Captcha (and other problems :)

When I published p2pnet, now under new ownership but nonetheless still showing  99.9% of my […]

TPP: US trade rep ‘whittles away traces of public participation’

Today, September  9, is the day the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) is  […]

Scientology, the movie

You thought it would happen, and now it has. They’ve made a movie, “heavily inspired […]

Thalidomide maker apologizes — finally

RSS feed “We’re sorry,  says Harald Stock, CEO of Germany’s Gurenenthal Group, the makers […]