RIAA site off-line

Dear oh dear.  For some reason, the RIAA  site  went down on the morning of […]

Anonymous to give Oz government a ‘taste of its own medicine’

Anonymous, the shadowy band of  citizen justice adjusters, says it’s about to reveal 40GB of […]

Fa$ebook is STILL like Herpes: [it never goes away]

“Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?” That that was Mark Zuckerberg on […]

Vonage? No thanks!

My wife, Liz, and I have been Vonage (VOIP) users since the year dot  and […]

Google goorilla

When you’re a  heavyweight online advertising goorilla,you can get away with anything by  making promises  […]

UK urban artists hijack advertising billboards on the eve of the Olympics

As the UK Olympics  loom, graffiti goes mainstream. In a big way. It’s called Brandalism. […]

It’ll never happen to me …

It’s the beginning of April, 2011, and I’m on board the Jubilee, a large yacht […]

Google ‘Earhart doodle’ takes off

Giant US advertising company Google, disguised as a search engine ‘service,’ never loses an opportunity […]

My friend Fred

April 24, 2012,  is a date I won’t forget. It’s the day Fred Wilhelms died. […]

SOPA disinterred as Intellectual Property Attaché Act

Bewigged Lamar Smith,  that most odious of US of congressman, Republican Texas – 21st District  […]