Mining Twitter — does the government need a warrant?

Malcolm Harris (rght) was one of 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in October 2011, […]

Let there be light

Earlier today, I posted  “Have you ever sat up  at night thinking about the injustice […]

Be your own Anon – make a difference

Have you ever sat up  at night thinking about the injustice of it all,  about […]

Judge to RIAA – reveal ‘secret’ revenue stats

“The RIAA’s motion to keep secret the record companies’ 1999-to-date revenues for the copyrighted song […]

Ray Beckerman, king of the Twitterers

I’ve been off-line for a long time, during which I had an open-heart retread. While […]

Mark Zuckerberg: taking a flyer

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of social advertising and data mining company Fa$ebook, and the central character […]

Call them ‘Chavril’

Re: my earlier post  on the  betrothal  of  Knuckleheads singer Chad Kroeger  (that’s him on […]

Chad Kroeger, heart Avril Lavigne?

Oh! The horror! According to  the CBC, Canadian warbler Avril Lavigne has plans to marry […]

Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership

The  corporate entertainment cartels  never give up. Using international law courts  to blackmail you  into […]

Numbers, shlumbers — the Big Apple

There comes a point when numbers are so big they become  absolutely meaningless. For me, […]