Stroz Friedberg parasites

What a surprise. The RIAA “Apparently Forgot To Tell Six Strikes Coordinators That The ‘Independent’ […]

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‘Mornin all This is  my blog, dammit. Because of that  I’m allowed to  post the […]

Steve Jobs’ yacht

You-all have probably heard/read about it by now,  the Steve Jobs  luxury yacht  completed, apparently, […]

Canada’s online surveillance bill

“Canada’s police chiefs support Internet surveillance bill,”  shouts the headline to  a Toronto Star story, […]


“We’re thrilled. An accomplishment like that is well deserved, they don’t happen very often. You […]

Gnu Gnews

  No gnus would’ve been good news. Because the Free Software Foundation crashed the Windows […]

#OpNoCleanIT — stop mass EU surveillance

On the face of it,  the objective of  the EU’s clean IT project  might seem […]

Amateur teen photographer arrested in mall takedown

Security guards spreadeagled  amateur teen photographer  facedown in an  “incident that led to a confrontation” […]

Pirate Bay’s Svartholm Warg still under lock and key

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was recently arrested in Cambodia after an international warrant, […]

Anonymous — The Movie

Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival 2012 Official Selection, South by Southwest 2012 Official Selection, Hot […]