US poised for Cyber War

The fate of the world is in America’s hands. But not in a good way. […]

Tears of Steel

If you find bits of Tears of Steel, the Dutch  sci-fi flic a little hard […]

The Pirate Bay — Outlook: cloudy

“So, first we ditched the trackers,”  Says the new The Pirate Bay intro page. “Then […]

The death of Amanda Todd: her ‘punisher’ identified by Anonymous

Pastebin boasts it’s, “the number one paste tool since 2002, a website where you can […]

Enough already with this Muhammad BS

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting  thoroughly sick and tired of all these  […]

+1 Gary McKinnon, 0 Theresa May

It was  a disgrace, the way in which  Americans were almost allowed to railroad UK […]

What a pair!

Don’t they make an absolutely stunning pair? Canadian Prime Minister George W Harper and BC […]

Greek sites hacked

“Greetings Government of Greece, we are Anonymous. We are watching events in Greece and we […]

Is/was the Matrtix for real?

Observable consequences of the hypothesis that the observed universe is a numerical simulation performed on […]

Teenage suicides: Amanda Todd wasn’t alone

As the whole world  now knows, 15-year-old Amanda Todd  committed suicide after she was mercilessly […]