Global noise starts with a bang!

Hopes  on the part of government authorities and corporations everywhere that  the worldwide #global noise demonstrations […]

Get ready!!!– #GlobalNoise!

Get ready for #GlobalNoise!   [Espanol] [Italiano] [Français] Get ready for #GlobalNoise! Global day of […]

Baby Holden vs Universal Music

Some YouTube takedown demands are sillier than others and  as often as not, the really […]

Introducing CyberGuerrilla Anonnexus

Yesterday I ran an item wondering if Anon News had been, or was being, reborn. […]

Teen bullied on TV

With the suicide death  of BC teenager  Amanda Todd  still fresh in mind,  here’s a […]

Reddit v Gawker in ‘Creepshots’ row

In an escalating row over free speech versus privacy and the publication of offensive material […]

Rest in peace, Amanda

Below is a video which describes the last moments of a young girl who just […]

Anon News — reborn?

Almost two years ago while I was still publishing  Canadian freedom of speech advocacy site […]

Print your own machine gun

Have you always wanted  your very own  AR 15 machine gun? Or maybe an UZi? […]

Occupy Wall Street flic goes after occupy Wall Street flic

Occupy Wall Street movement is a massive international collaborative effort launched by Canada’s Ad Busters […]