BC man sues Google claiming it data-mined G-mails

According to the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email), Wayne Plimmer of Sechelt, British Columbia, is […]

An American horror story — Monsanto wants to patent pigs

“This year Monsanto invested more than $1 billion to develop the most robust pipeline of […]

More Big Music bullshit

I’d  promised myself I wouldn’t let let Big Music back into my life, not by by […]

Google settles seven-year copyright dispute with US publishers

The seven years long litigation over Google’s ibrary book scanning has finally been settled. “The […]

Fa$ebook’s 1 billion users?

Fa$ebook’s Mark Zuckerberg  reckons he’s now zucking in one billion monthly active users  every month. […]

Don’t let Google, Amazon, privatize the net: Consumer Watchdog

In an open letter to the ICANN Board and, Consumer Watchdog says it’s concerned about, […]

Anonymous, immortalised in bronze

Speaking of anonymous, here’s Andrei Stroe ‘s photo of the statue of Statue of Anonymous, […]

Swedish government sites reel under Anonymous attack

Sweden, once famous for her relaxed and liberal  political climate, has long been in the thrall of […]

Advertising and myblogdammit.net

[Warning!  This may get  a little long,  so if you have something important to do, […]

Talk Talk — worst UK ISP — (again)

UK ISP Talk Talk  has been getting away with it for years.  But now Talk […]