Apple mapping team boss Williamson hits the road

“Apple has reportedly fired the head of its mapping team following software glitches which annoyed […]

Hacktivists — who IS that masked man/woman?

Computer ‘hacktivists’ cause havoc targeting the websites of governments, companies and the police but who […]

Is spam still in decline?

When I launched dammit, based on previous experience, I expected  a flood of comment spam. […]

Well blow me down! Hollywood ramps up attacks on Canadian ‘Pirates’

Avast, ye scurvey knaves! (If you’re Canadian, that is.) You’d better get au courant with […]

Smoking pot makes you dumb — study

With the  loosening of anti-pot laws insome parts of the US) echoing loudly in the […]

Facebook design created on pirated version of Photoshop

“Facebook cofounder Andrew McCallum has publicly boasted he used a pirated copy of Photoshop  to […]

WikiLeaks still under ‘economic seige ‘

A  cartel of US banks  has placed the site  under  an  “unlawful economic seige,”said WikiLeaks,  […]

Corporate profits up

Statistically speaking,  economic hard times notwithstanding, corporations didn’t do badly in the last quarter, says […]

Google versus the Others

If there’s one thing Google has in common with the entertainment cartels, in particular with […]