Kazakhstan sues Google, Twitter, Facebook

Authorities in Kazakhstan  want  freedom of speech in the republic to become a thing of […]

Will Washington becomes the Amsterdam of America

 Kiss the War on Drugs goodbye, That’s the headline  to the statesmanjournal.com‘s  OpEd on Washington’s  surprise  […]

Who’s REALLY in charge of America?

Anyone  who  still believes  the Obama administration  is running America  is living in Never Never […]

Internet, telecommunication and death toll in #Gaza — #OpIsrael

Yesterday, “For the first time  in history,  the people are truly taking charge of their […]

Rocking the world

I’ve been in  admirer, follower  and supporter of  the anonymous ungroup for years. They’re truly […]


  Won’t be long before sleigh bells  start jingling in earnest, but already burp-water manufacture  Coca-Cola  […]

Google — live-spamming for bidnis

No longer is the Internet’s  largest and most pervasive online advertising firm content to  tout […]

Google transparency report — II

Government surveillance is on the rise. Who says? Google. The not-news  comes in its latest  […]

Israel justifies ‘pinpoint’ airstrike on rooftop coms center

According to IDFspokeswoman lt col Avital Leibovich, the  Israel Defense force ‘pinpoint’  air strike on […]

‘Pinpoint’ Israeli airstrike — update

Earlier today  “Journalists  have now been added to victims of  Israeli air strikes launched  against […]