Israeli ‘pinpoint’air strike kills civilians, injures journalists

Journalists  have now been added to victims of  Israeli air strikes launched  against Hamas militants. […]

Israel Defense Force occupies cyberspace

Anonymous is“ harassing and disabling Israeli websites to protest the bombing of Gaza, as the International […]

Anonymous attacks 40 + Israeli government, military websites

#OpIsrael 40+ Israel’i government & military websites have been taken down in last 3hrs #FreeGaza […]

New ‘world’s hottest pepper’

At more than 1.2 million units on the Scoville heat scale, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion […]

Texas judge with who whipped girl with leather belt, reinstated (updated)

William Adams,the Texas judge suspended after a  horrific video  of him whipping  his 16-year-old daughter, […]

Canadian system allows man in ‘vegetative state’ to communicate

“Doctors caring for a Canadian man who’s been in a  “vegetative state” for more than […]


Will the Jehovah’s Witness cult soon supplant Scientology as the new Anonymous target? “And now, […]

‘Eccentric millionaire’ John McAfee in bizarre murder hunt

In what has to be  the weirdest crime story  of the year,  “guru, murder, bath […]

Second US general caght in Petraeus fallout

Ex-four-star general  and CIA director David Petraeus  may not be the only one  to be […]

Hollywood Howard — the next US Secretary of State?

Is it possible that  Howard Berman,  dearly beloved  by the entertainment cartels, might join the […]