Who exposed Petraeus? Was it you know who?

Here’s an interesting thought: FBI agents may not have been the first to rumble the […]

BBC boss forced to quit

Dire tragedy has struck the Beeb! Writes  dryriver in Slashdot >>>  “George Entwistle, the new Director […]

Goodbye MS messenger: hello Skype

“In the first quarter of 2013, this instant messaging service will be replaced by our […]

Hollywood Joe Biden — back again

Will the ‘new’ Obama administration  be the same old same old? Could be,  but let’s […]

Arrested on suspicion of attacking home office webpage

A 41-year-old man has been accused of D-Dossing the websites of  UK home secretary Theresa […]

Open Wireless Movement

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and a coalition of nine other groups have launched the […]

Obama’s 1st task — human rights?

If Amnesty International has anything to say about it, among the first issues America’s recycled […]

Bad news for Pfizer

Viagra,Pfizer’s famous anti-droop drug,  will soon be up for grabs, in Canada at least. “The […]

Is Google trying to tell us something?

It’s the day after Barrack Obama’s triumphant return as the  world’s Top Cop. And  On […]

Fined $1.5 million for sharing gay flics

American Kywan Fisher has been ordered to fork out $1.5 million fine for pirating 10 gay […]