California won’t label GMOs.

Following a huge ad blitz largely by vested corporate interests, California won’t label   genetically modified […]

Election Day US

The man nicknamed ‘The Magician’ for conjuring up a win for President Vladimir Putin launched […]

Obama or Romney? A ‘near-sure thing for the incumbent’: Nate Silver

So who’s it going to be?  Obama or Romney?  Who’s going to be  the world’s […]

Apple screws with Samsung apology

“Apple replaced an apology on its homepage stating that Samsung’s tablet did not copy its […]

Apple paid a trifling 2% corporation tax outside US

No wonder the late Steve Jobs could afford a multimillion dollar, custom-designed luxury yacht. His […]

DIY public surveillance

Surveillance cameras  are an (ab) normal part of everyday life,  especially if you happen to […]

Anonymous zings Zynga

When my daughter, Emma,  was young and foolish,  she was into  Facebook’s disgusting ‘game’ YoVille, […]

‘Ware Google Android

According to Dark Reading, some Android apps can be to privacy and security due to […]

Rolls eyes ;)

Under the ‘How ridiculous can you get?’ — Here’s the headline to a  Los Angeles […]

Bounty tragedy

It wasn’t mutiny that got  the three-masted ship, a replica of the ill-famed Royal Navy […]