Anonymous targets Big Pharma

It’s really quite simple;  most corporations exist wholly and solely for the benefit of their […]

The spawn of Kanye West

“Okay everybody, let’s calm down. If you have a pulse and an Internet connection, I’m […]

Freemen On the Land — threat, says Canada’s spy agency

 “Freeman on the land, also known as FMOTL, FOTL, Footle or simply freeman, is a […]

Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas Day: survey

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not. That’s the verse for today according […]

FileRock goes open-source

  Today, we have proudly released the source code of FileRock Client said the webpage […]

The answer to Sandy Hook? ‘Make it hard to kill a kid’

What do you do to prevent even more massacres like the one that occurred in […]

Attawapiskat — Canada’s shame; Part VI

“Chief Theresa Spence has requested that all First Nation Traditional Women Healers come to attend […]

Sandy Hook fallout continues

The fallout from the Newtown Sandy Hook school massacre continues. Below is a .223-caliber military-style […]

Santa Claus meets the Canadian Air Force

‘ Twas  the night before Christmas and an event that should never have happened occurred. […]

The Jacintha Saldanha tragedy — thoughts from another nurse

“I’m a nurse,” says Anonymous in a comment post, going on »»» “We have patient […]