Global risk of disease study — 2010

I n 2010, the three leading risk factors for global disease were high blood pressure […]

Anonymous targets Westboro over Sandy Hook massacre picket plan

According to Tim Stanley in  the Telegraph, loathsome anti-gay hate cult Westboro Baptist Church, led […]

Architect of the New America (yawn)

This cover of Time magazine, depicting a weary-looking Barrack Obama,  isn’t meant to be funereal. […]

Bang bang, you’re dead: part II

No one knows  why  20-year-old Adam Lanza  opened fire on children at the Sandy Hook […]

Bang bang, you’re dead

On the right is a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle. Looks the same as  an m16 assault […]

Terribly afraid of Google

I’ve been afraid of do no evil Google ever since it went online.  It wields […]

You thought texting while you’re driving was scary?

You thought  people  talking on their cell phones and texting  while they’re driving was really […]

Suicide guidelines

By far the most-read Dammit articles, so far,  center on the suicide deaths  of Amanda […]

London’s famous black cabs join digital 21st century

Way back in the far reaches of time,  I was instrumental  in putting London’s  famous […]

Big Music targets UK pirate party

“The High Court has ruled that several UK ISPs including Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 […]