Operation Frame Crash — new Anonymous project

“Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy on Sunday became the latest public figure to call for […]

Myblogdammit — Daily content Roundup — Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waiting for me this morning  was an email from occasional correspondent A. Non.  It said,  […]

Too big to jail?

British banking giant HSBC,  with a major presence here in Canada,  has been gently admonished […]

Is the end of the world nigh? Like really?

In Australian premiere Julia Gillard’s end of the world announcement for for radio station Triple […]

Gary McKinnon won’t face charges in the UK

Would-be UFO tracker  Gary McKinnon  won’t face charges in the UK. But not because  a […]

Hand over user data: Hollywood company to Canadian ISP TEK Savvy

A Hollywood studio wants well-known Canadian ISP TEK Savvy to  give it details  of  customers […]

Daughter of Winnipeg musician among children murdered in school massacre

Anna,  the six-year-old daughter  of  Winnipeg jazz musician Jimmy Greene, was among the children massacred  […]

Worst school massacre in US history?

More than two dozen people, including children, were brutally murdered in a school in Newtown, […]

It’s ‘just capitalism’ — Google’s Schmidt on dodging UK corporate tax demands

Eric Schmidt,  the man in charge of giant US internet advertising company Google,  “defiantly defended […]

Wanted to buy iPhones, woman Tasered

Nashua’s,  “traditional New Hampshire heritage combined with its progressive Northeastern urban qualities and vitality offers […]