Apple maps iPhone upgrade? — Get lost!

Apple replaced Google Maps with its own maps app in the iPhone’s latest software upgrade. […]

The Kate Middleton saga, II

Here’s  the latest in the continuing Kate Middleton saga. We’ve all been held in breathless […]

When looking for Lulz went wrong

Increasingly, spoofs are part of the twenty first digital century media milieu, and that’s what […]

Hospital hoax death

The Australian radio  station whose looking for lulz ‘prank’ by two DJs apparently led to […]

Barrett Brown and hyperlinking

Wannabe Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown must be well pleased. He’s once again  drawing creds for […]

Barrett Brown indicted in Texas

Self-ordained Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown has been  indicted by a federal jury in Texas,  for […]

Toronto-based kiddie porn network busted

A Toronto-based online kiddie porn network operating since 2004 has been busted by Spanish police […]

When the net went down in Syria

Seventy seven networks went off-line in Syria starting at 10:26 UTC on November 29 says […]

RIAA muscle-power in action

Steve Scalise  is the  incoming chairman of conservative Republican Study Committee The  RIAA  is the […]

They’re not laughing now

“I am totally disgusted and sickened to the stomach with the actions of Mel Greig […]