Ticket to Mars

If  you want to migrate Mars, here’s your chance. You can book your ticket  through […]

Alive with light: amazing NASA video of the Earth at night

This view of Earth at night is a cloud-free view from space as acquired by […]

File sharing Lawsuits rear their heads in Canada — again

With, in the background, Hollywood targeting Canadians in a renewed attempt to  bring ‘pirates’ to book   […]

How to stop (ab)using alcohol, drugs or anything else — Guaranteed!

“I’m a 30-year-old guy trapped in a 67-year-old body,” I wrote in January 2009. I […]

Thought for today …

Here’s an interesting thought under just say no to college from Hugh Pickens on Slashdot. […]

Jeremy Hammond judge married to Stratfor client

30 years to life ; that’s what  US district judge Loretta Preska told Jeremy Hammond, […]

Tell Microsoft to poke it

GNU and Linux proponents may have an unhappy Xmas because their new machines come with […]


It was only a matter of time  before  Canada’s  George W Harper  caught  the  eyes […]

Oh! Those awful copyright criminals

The KKK  (Korporate Kopyright Kops) have a new victim, accused of the awful ‘crime’ of […]

UK ISPs block legal Pirate Bay Promo project

The corporate music industry  has successfully cracked the whip at a number of  UK  ISPs  […]