Alicia Keys heart BlackBerry

‘Pop sensation’ Alicia Keys  has been hired by Canada’s RIM that was, but not as […]

Those @#$%^& robot marketing calls!

Today is the day  they’ll be judging  entries for the  Robo call challenge, as they’re […]

‘Buzzing the gap’ — End of the world?

Is the end of the world almost upon us? NASA says an asteroid will buzz […]

Blackhawks over Miami

It was like a scene from  the famous movie Blue Thunder  with  fearsome US Black […]

There will be chaos!’ — Anonymous declares full on war

Angered by the needless death  of Aaron Swartz  and the apparent  disinterested of the powers […]

Oz Senator Julian Assange?

Julian Assange will run for a Senate seat in the 2013 Australian federal election, says […]

Surface Pro’s ’23GB of free storage’

Ops! Seems Microsoft’s vaunted Surface Pro tablet, slated for February 9, will  only have 23GB […]

Iran’s monkey tricks

 “The thirty fourth spring of the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran has coincided with […]

Joint Dutch-Canadian ‘WhatsApp’ probe

Canadian and Dutch data privacy watchdogs say What’sapp  violates privacy laws. The Office of the […]

Aaron’s Army — Carl Malamud

A little while ago  I did a post on the Memorial  for Aaron Swartz  staged, […]