Aaron Swartz Memorial

The Internet community has been reeling for the past week as it grapples with the […]

Dear Mister X

Earlier today  I posted  an item  slugged The Googly Way,  which I attempted to point […]

The Googly Way

We used to talk about the Yellow Peril,  the threat of a world dominated by  […]

Green Lady for sale

The painting of one of the world’s most famous women — copied, possibly,  more often […]

Foxconn, RU

Will St Petersburg in Russia  shortly experienced a dramatic rise in worker suicides? Chinese electronics […]

Reporters Without Borders press freedom index — Situation in Canada, ‘good’

Syria, Bahrain and Yemen  have scored ‘worst ever’ rankings  in the Reporters without Borders Press Freedom […]

Bahraini princess accused of torturing protesters

While some parts of the world ooh and ah  over Kim Kardashian’s  latest  milkshake (ad)venture  […]

Why Anonymous targeted Kim Kardashian

Earlier today I posted an item  saying Anonymous has renewed its/their attack on  elements of […]

Tiny Antigua — the mouse that roared?

Is mighty America on the verge of a war with a miniscule foreign nation which […]