Anonymous #OpBahrain reloaded: also targets Kim Kardashian

Below is a video of Bahrain police staging their very own drive-bys RAF Bahrain functioned […]

Debt collecting on Facebook (‘ware Facebook ‘Friends’)

When Kathryn Haralson logged into her Facebook account, she was surprised by an unwelcome inbox […]

Are you paying attention, Mr Harper?

In Finland,Finland, according to a 2012 law, any citizen can create or sign on to a […]

Leon Panetta ends ban on women in front-line combat roles

Boadicea, American-style,  will soon be a reality following a decision by US Defence Secretary Leon […]

Shakespeare’s sonnets weighing 0.3 millionths of a millionth of a gram

Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets have been  written in DNA by scientists in Cambridge to demonstrate the […]

Oprah Winfrey – vs CAN FAP

“This show is a genuine attempt to ignite a new sexual revolution!” — Glen Callender. […]

‘QWERT or ‘1,2,4,8,16’?

Before I start this, I  just know you’re going to say, “Yeah?  So what else […]

Hollywood Joe as president? Oh, the horror!

Will the ‘new’ Obama administration  be the same old same old? — I wondered  back […]

The ‘copy culture’

Big Music and Hollywood have their work cut out for them if they intend to […]

Thanks for everything, Aaron — O’Reilly Media

Almost certainly, he’d have liked this — Amidst the recriminations  about who and what was […]