Aaron Swartz — the Economist and Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman

Britain’s The Economist, whose editorials rarely deal with events other than  those of world significance, […]

Open source news and information … when sheeple become people

Content  and information need to be free, not free as in free beer, but as […]

Eating (like) a horse

Both equine (horse) and porcine  (pig) DNA  has been found found in Irish checks on […]

Anonymous hacks MIT over Aaron Swartz’s death

“MIT’s network fell to a denial-of-service attack Sunday evening, allegedly by the Internet activist group […]

MIT to probe Aaron Swartz’s death

MIT — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology says it’ll launch an internal  investigation into the […]

The herpes that is Facebook

Once you sign up with US advertising and data mining  company Facebook, You’re locked in […]

Want to date Miss Holland and/or her sister, Brooke? ;)

Want to to  go on a date with  the lovely Miss Holland  and/or her equally […]

Google videos without the ads, anyone? — But only in France

For a while, Internet subscribers of French ISP Free – could watch GooTube videos and […]

Trouble in Mali

Some years ago  my wife and I were briefly in West Africa. Our first stop  […]