Mark Cahill’s new hand

51-year-old Mark Cahill has become the first person in Britain to have a full hand […]

Follower Spam — part II — updated

Regarding my post yesterday about Follower Spam, below is a typical  example. Brandon Peterson VN […]

Follower spam

I don’t know  how many others have had this problem,but in the last couple of […]

Big mistake, Anonymous!

Most times, I’m in complete accord with Anonymous ops. But not this time. In a […]

0 dark 30

I have a more than passing interest in the special Forces, as they’re known, and […]

The Death of Osama bin Laden — the movie (s)

Two movies have  lately been doing the rounds online, and they both purport to highlight […]

Harper to meet with First Nations

Canada’s conservative leader George W Harper, is finally going to do what he should’ve done […]

Steubenville gang rape

I was horrified by the Steubenville  gang rape of “an underage girl” as the Steubenville […]

Operation Roll Red Roll or: Steubenville’s shame

I’ve been wondering what the  Anonymous Operation Roll Red Roll is/was all about. And, I wondered, […]

Who music ‘theft’ hurts — RIAA

The organized music gang’s RIAA says, “While downloading one song may not feel that serious […]