Big Music — ‘accelerating growth’

You know how the corporate music industry  is being “devastated”  by filesharing and file sharers? […]

Facebook definitely won’t ‘like’ this ;)

Facebook most certainly  won’t  ‘Like’ this: Lawers Fish & Richardson have filed a patent infringement […]

Aaron Schwartz — getting ‘real information’ to people

It’ll be years before the furor  over Aaron Schwartz’s death dies down,  and it probably […]

Droning on — eyes in the skies

I’ve never really liked hyperlinks, which is passing strange  since one of the few things […]

Sudanese robber sentenced to hand, foot amputation

“Credible sources” in Sudan say government doctors amputated a man’s right hand and left foot […]

DNA Nobel prize medal up for grabs — only $250,000

One of the Nobel Prize medals awarded in 1962 for the discovery of the structure […]

Ex-CSIS watchdog now wanted in Quebec

Who’ll  watch the watchers? The rhetorical question  takes on new emphasis with the news Arthur […]

Entertainment cartels vs. their own customers

Remember MediaDefender and MediaSentry? — I asked in  October this year. I went on,  “Now  […]

Bradley Manning trial now slated for November or January

The military judge  handling the case of Army Private first class Bradley Manning has ruled […]

Illinois senator Ira Silverstein calls for online anti-anonymity bill

A senator in Illinois  want to censor the net The Illinois state senate has introduced […]