New copyright collusion gang

Judy Chu is starting a new caucus. It’ll.  “protect the intellectual property rights of filmmakers, […]

The day the DHS stole Mike Arrington’s boat!

“I live a fairly simple life and that didn’t change much after I sold TechCrunch […]

Anonymous launches China boycott

The Anonymous collective  has  launched an operation aimed at China, threatening to block trade and […]

Anti-gay Cardinal O’Brien accused of ‘inappropriate behavior’

 O dear!  O’Brien! As the pope gets ready  to depart for pastures new, one of […]

CISPA — The Return

  “It’s a little piece of SOPA wrapped up in a bill that’s supposedly designed […]

Big Music’s RIAA says Google fails to demote pirate sites

  Here, and  elsewhere, I’ve noted how reluctant is  the major record labels’  US enforcement  […]

Amanda Todd — her story lives on

By far the most-read Dammit articles, so far,  center on the suicide deaths  of Amanda […]

‘Stratfor’ wife judge Preska refuses to step down from Hammond case

District judge Loretta Preska  says she won’t be stepping down  anytime soon from the federal […]