Microsoft, Symantec team up against ‘dangerous Bamital botnet’

Microsoft says it  and Symantec together dealt a killer blow to the “dangerous Bamital botnet […]

‘If you can shoot it, we can make it bleed’

That’s the proud boast of made-in-America Pink Mist “for target realism from law enforcement targets […]

Newly discovered planet planet smallest found outside our solar system

  We’re not alone.  Earth, that is.  But you already knew that.  There’s  Neptune, Venus, […]

It’s all in the colour

Liberals and conservatives exhibit different cognitive styles and converging lines of evidence suggest that biology […]

Hollywood, Big Music, threaten Swedish Pirate Party

The Pirate Party of Sweden says it’s heard from from the Rights Alliance because it’s  […]

Google Glass — a guaranteed win

The last time I did a post on Google Glass,  it’ll “add a whole new […]

‘Google looks to cut funds to illegal sites’

That’s the headline to this story by Katherine Rushton  in the Telegraph, going on: “Google […]

Google Play: ‘undisclosed sharing’ of customer data

After reporting that Google Play now distributes Android app buyers’ location and contact information to […]

First Halo, now the Orb

Halo creator Bungie, has apparently brought out, or is bringing,  Destiny a new MMO,  “unlike […]

Predator drones — ‘currently unavailable’

Yesterday I did a post  pointing out America now has a ‘No Drone zone’  in […]