America’s first ‘No Drone zone’

Speaking  of drones, Charlottesville, Virginia,  is the first city in the US  to adopt a […]

Web censorship in Iran ‘unabated,’ says ONI

Magnus Manske’s photo shows  Green Movement protesters winding a long banner  through Tehran following  the  […]

Growing old — instantly!

It used to be that the scariest thing I could think of, or imagine, was […]

DIY Mission to Mars — the other route

This isn’t new,   but what the heck? eh?  »»» Recently,   I’ve done a couple of […]

The Pope’s new job

What’s a Pope to do when  He isn’t the Pope anymore? Will he capitalize on […]

When a miss is as good as several hundred thousand miles ;)

With the devastation of Russia’s meteor hits  looming in the background, “The 45-metre Asteroid 2012 […]

Drones over Canada — thick end of the wedge?

“A spokesperson for CAE, Inc., which is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has confirmed that […]

Antabuse, Mark II?

Many, many moons ago  I used to work at the Addiction Research Foundation in Toronto,  […]

Put Canada back on the ‘piracy’ watchlist

That masterful  entertainment/software cartel  lobby group, is at it again. IIPA  Is short for for […]

Salmon with the munchies

It may seem like a joke, but it isn’t. When fish swim in water is […]