Meteors over Russia: the prelude?

It was like something from some end of the world movie  as  fireballs streaked across […]

Anti-evolution ‘academic freedom’ law

Hmmmmm … A “number of states have been considering laws that, under the guise of […]

The weird, the wonderful, and the just plain horrifying! (I)

A short while ago  I reached the age of 71  and I’ve been online  since […]

The $3 million Edward Mellen Press hit!

“Publish with The Edwin Mellen Press”, suggests its web page. “We are a non-subsidy academic […]

Cease and desist, major general Michael Linnington

When  US Army private Bradley Manning  blew the whistle  to Wiki leaks,  he inadvertently opened […]

Destination Mars

If you have  a minimum of 1000 euros / 1US$  to spare,  and you want […]

Who’ll be the new Pope?

A conclave to decide the successor to ex-Hitler youth boy soldier Joe Ratzinger, aka Pope […]

Tea Party rattlesnake

The tea party has launched its very own social network — with a rattlesnake about […]

#OP MONKEYWRENCH — Anonymous: are they serious?

According to the New York Daily News »»»  The most wanted fugitive in America was […]