The Eastern Bald Senator

Conservative Patrick Brazeau and two others, Conservative Mike Duffy  (above) and Liberal Mac Harb, will […]

Want to buy a chunk of Google?

Is Google boss Eric Schmidt  (center) broke? Or is this merely  another sign  of the […]

Jewel in the Night

 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield  is guaranteed a permanent  spot among the stars  not  only because […]

Joseph Ratzinger, aka The Pope, to resign

Looks a little  (okay, a lot)  a like Dracula  after a bad night, doesn’t he? […]

Canipre — still at it

Tsk tsk. Must be awfully frustrating  for Canipre  to  have paid lots of dollars  for […]

Turbaned RCMP officers, gay marriage, new plastic Canadian banknotes ;)  people in charge of deciding what images  would best grace its new plastic bank […]

Of Julian A

The pic above is more than just a clever image of Julian Assange  the man […]


More than 30  organizations  have contacted Google saying they’re worried about Google’s plan to scan […]

Senator Brazeau gets the order of the boot

Harper,  “made his disappointment clear when he was asked to comment on Patrick Brazeau, the […]