French women can legally wear trousers — at last ;)

French women can now wear trousers.  Finally.  That’s because a 200-year-old ban has become passé, […]

Of being prime …

I have dyscalculia, and so does my daughter.  It’s kind of like dyslexia, except the […]

Senior CIDA executive dipped into taxpayers’ till — report

Will it be left to the  on- or off-line media  to ferret out the identity […]

Richard III’s plastic surgery

The skull of Richard III found buried under a car parked in Leicester has been used […]

‘We don’t believe you!’

A new online IS Preview survey of 846 Internet users in  Britain says almost nine […]

Bradley Manning petition: drop ‘aiding the enemy’ charges

 The  Obama government  claims Bradley Manning knowingly gave information to “the enemy,” al-Qaeda, by giving […]

‘Real-life Grand Theft Auto’

CAMOVER is a game for,  “everybody who hates CCTV. “If you are already active out […]

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, thank God!

It’s upon us once more,  Super Bowl Sunday, and some three in ten Americans believe […]

Latest Steubenville rally

It went off as planned — the latest Steubenville  rally, the third  in memory of […]

The Steubenville Files

How do you feel on a dead girl?”  Those are the first words spoken by  […]