‘I bet $10K Adam and Eve were real!’ — Joseph Mastropaolo; again

A California man  of George W. Bush’s ilk is betting 10 grand  that science can’t […]

Biggest DDoS attack in history?

If you noticed a distinct slow down in your online service, it could be what […]

The USPS doesn’t like Atheists

“Suspecting that their strongly branded ‘Atheist’ products may be treated differently by more religiously-oriented postal […]

First BitCoin hedge fund

On the heels of my earlier BitCoin post, I can now tell you about the, […]

Edie & Thea

“Since the 1960s, Edith Windsor wore a diamond brooch, not an engagement ring, as a […]

Fa$ebook targets newsfeeds for ‘real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform’

There’s never been any doubt  about Fa$ebook:  it is now, and always has been, a […]

Apple sues Swedish Language Council

Following Google’s success  in having ‘ungoogleable’  banned from the Swedish language because of  trademark considerations, […]

When something is ‘ogooglebar’

What happens if you  can’t  ‘google’ something? In Sweden, nothing because there, according to the […]

Swartz case was a ‘good use of prosecutorial discretion’ — US attorney general

According to US attorney general  Eric Holder, Aaron Swartz’s prosecution was excusable. “In a Senate […]

North Korea rockets, ‘aimed at US and South Korea’

North Korea’s military warned Today that its,  “artillery and rocket forces are at their highest-level […]