Steve Austin? Move over …

Actor Steve Austin  first achieved fame  as the Bionic Man. Now   meet  London’s Patrick Kane, […]

3-D printing on a human hair

In October,  “Have you always wanted  your very own  AR 15 machine gun? Or maybe […]

Mystery cyber attack (?) shuts down South Korean banks, TV networks

Computer networks at two major South Korean banks and three top TV broadcasters went into […]

Corporate cartels — who needs who?

So the  long drawn out  battle between  the corporate music cartels  and at least one […]

RIAA finally gets its pound of Jammie Thomas’ flesh

“The United States Supreme Court has denied certiorari in Jammie Thomas’s case, Capitol Records v. […]

Canada drops to #20 in RWB 2013 press freedom index

As we posted yesterday, Finland scores the highest  in the 2013 Reporters Without Borders press […]

Finland, the country ‘which most respects media freedom’ — RWB

For the third year running, Finland has been named the country which most respects media […]

Quebec helicopter jailbreak — not the movie ;)

In a scene which might have been lifted straight out of a Hollywood movie, but […]

Bat-catching spiders

And now for something completely different. More than 50 incidences of bats being captured by […]

More Sony DRM excreta

You’d have thought they would have learned by now,  wouldn’t you? Sony is infamous  for […]