The Internet as a ‘surveillance state’

The Internet is a surveillance state. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, and […]

‘Panicked porn troll Prenda Law now dismissing pending lawsuits’

Who could resist a headline like that?  Not me 🙂 It comes in Timothy B. […]

Steubenville rapists sentenced

 Two of the Steubenville High School  football yobs  who ‘allegedly’ raped a 15-year-old girl  have  […]

No go for TPB’s Neij, Sunde Kolmisoppi

Judges have thrown out a complaint against Sweden by two co-founders of ‘The Pirate Bay’ […]

Voltage Pictures — at it again

Many moons ago, then justice Konrad von Finckenstein, now head of the Canadian Radio-television and […]

Armed and dangerous

“ What could a protester possibly do  that would justify the use of this weapon”, […]

FinFisher’s global proliferation

Britain’s Gamma Group  proudly boasts it   provides advanced technical surveillance, monitoring solutions, and advanced […]

Reuters man indicted in US for conspiring with Anonymous — faces jail, $250,000 fine

Salon version »»» Matthew Keys, a deputy social media editor for Reuters, could face up […]

Another George Bush enters the political arena

George Bush  is running for office again in Texas. But not that George Bush. Another […]

The Steubenville rape — on trial: a town and its people

(Photo –Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer/Landov) It’s becoming known as the Steubenville rape  and indeed, the […]