The Ides of March traditionally  to fall on March 15.  On that day, Brutus  Gaius […]

National Post demands $150 for for permission to run short excerpts

“I’m a big fan of Chris Selley, the National Post writer behind Full Pundit, a […]

Medical marijuana abuse

Members of an Ontario family and their associates,  “raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

What happens if Washington is hit by a nuclear strike?

The US government conducted a study into the extensive damage on Washington DC, its federal […]

Is a North Korean nuclear attack on the way?

North Korea features in any number of  stories/novels  where it attacks  America and South Korea […]

Orson Scott Card ‘Superman’ scuppered

Slated for April 29, the Superman story, “written by noted homophobe — sorry, ‘gay marriage […]

The wall that knows you

You thought closed-circuit television cameras  were bad enough, but check this out: PC Pro‘s Steve […]

Google faces ‘co-ordinated’ EU crackdown over privacy violations

800 pound online advertising  gorilla Google is in trouble with the EU because it  “ignored […]

BC election spam: ‘Is this the worst use of social media in an election?’

  “Right now there’s an election happening in British Columbia. “A desperate government is flooding […]