Competition Bureau OKs Bell, Astral deal

The CRTC  wouldn’t approve  Bell’s efforts to  scarf up Astral Media,  but no problem:  the […]

Beanie City

Was it  a convention of beanie makers? Or maybe a beanie sales meeting staged by […]

SoShare public Beta — a ‘terabyte of data in one transfer’

All those years ago,  a kid named Bram Cohen  set the online world on its […]

Bradley Manning’s full statement at the providence inquiry

Below,  in full, is Bradley  Manning’s statement at the providence inquiry for his formal plea […]

OMG! The Bible an, ‘Epic Mini-Series’?

That’s according to Catholic Lane which says “… we have a generation of young people […]

Goodbye fat cat corporate pay deals — in Switzerland, at least

A wave of shock and horror  is sweeping through Europe. On the heels of news […]

ACTA, rebooted

Here it comes — again. It’s Back; ACTA,  the legislation we thought was dead. But  […]

Anon masks banned in Bahrain

Guy Fawkes masks have been banned in Bahrain. Originally featured  in the movie V for […]

Manning documents unearthed by navy SEALs

Some of the documents leaked by Army private Bradley Manning  to WikiLeaks were  unearthed by […]