Obama and Gitmo — promises, promises

Obama has promised to close Gitmo, the abbreviation for the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Again. […]

Where’s the missing $3.1 billion?

(It wasn’t me! Honest!) Steve Harper and his Conservatives can’t find $3.1 billion of taxpayer […]

Italy’s DHS-style ‘IceCapade’ crackdown

In what’s being called the biggest domain crackdown since US Homeland Security seized more than […]

When a game gets pirated

“Greenheart Games was founded in July 2012 by brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug with a […]

#OpFuckHarper — follow-up (Press Release 12.02.2012)

At the beginning of December, I ran an item from Anon News  which included this: […]

Believe in a ‘benevolent God’ and ‘worry less’

People who believe in a  “benevolent God” tend to worry less and be more tolerant […]

Welcome to Chairman Mao Town

I’ve done  several posts on the upcoming  Mars Missions  and how an ordinary person  can […]

Printed death, in 3-D

Home of the Wiki Weapon project. A nonprofit effort to create freely available plans for […]

The ‘rollicking adventure’ of Tim Tracy in Venezuela

It’d been a “a rollicking adventure” and  “a filmmaker’s dream: ”Tim Tracy speaking about his […]

Russian court denies suspension of jail term for Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina

The bid to suspend the two-year prison sentence for Maria Alyokhina (left), a member of […]