Of death and dying

I’m 71, definitely a little beyond the Bible’s three score and 10. In spite of […]

The scourge of DRM

“We are definitely committed to (offering copyright protection technologies),” Google boss Eric Schmidt once declared. […]

DRM isn’t dead: it only smells that way!

Here in full, is a Slashdot post  from Unknown Lamer »»» I’ve been really, really […]

Put up and shut up,Visa Iceland/Valitor ordered in WikiLeaks case

Iceland’s Supreme Court has ruled that Valitor (formerly Visa Iceland) must pay WikiLeaks $204,900 per […]

LulzSec ‘group leader’ arrested in Australia

“Australian police have arrested a man they say is affiliated with international hacking collective Lulz […]

The scourge of Biopiracy

While I was poking around online looking for material  to include in the latest Nestlé debacle,  […]

Nestlé tries to hijack ancient medicine

Once again  confirming   the power of the net versus corporate greed, some 160,000 people […]

‘Name Rehtaeh’s rapists,’ says Amélie

“Tell the names of the rapers out loud!!”– That’s Amélie  in one of 10 commments […]

Where nicotine is a ‘secondary primary ingredient’

I know, I know — today’s supposed to be CISPA Blackout Day… … except when […]

April 22 — #CISPABlackout

The United States Government is once again trying to control to hijack  the internet so  […]