The cigarette underground — still going strong!

“High tobacco taxes in Canada  have made the price of a smoke  so expensive that […]

#OpBilingual (or, Attention Anons of the World!

Initially, the headline to this post was #OpBilingual. But it should be  #Op multilingual. It’s […]

DHS boss Napolitano wants new Canada-US border fee

 The Obama administration wants to levy a new charge for every vehicle or pedestrian crossing […]

Hyundai’s flying hexadecagon: No, really!

For the last three years, Hyundai has been organising this internal contest to,  “enhance and […]

The evil that is Nestlé: of corporate greed

Do you Remember when I told you about Monsanto’s efforts to patent pigs? Now allow […]

The continuing menace of digital surveillance

Reporters Without Borders highlights the case of the young Syrian doctor whose rights were violated […]

Syria’s secret service hackers

“Taymour Karim was a fifth-year medical resident in oncology when the uprising began two years […]

Stop the FIPA trade deal

Hi Jon,  says an email from The Sum of Us. It continues, in part »»» […]

‘Sorry guys’ — Fa$ebook shuts down rapists’ support group

Speaking of  mealy-mouthed excuses,  the the Fa$ebook group set up in support of the boys […]

Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons

I hadn’t heard  of  Audrie Pott until  Bob left a comment post  under one of […]