Them thar Bit coins!

This afternoon  (Wednesday, March 11) the Bitcoin bubble appears to have burst, says Cyrus Farivar  […]

Piracy is freedom – Yes or No?

The Band Ghost Beach has hit on a way to ingratiate itself  with fans and […]

‘This is rape culture. This is our culture.’

Earlier today  I did my second post on the tragedy  (because that’s exactly what it […]

Anonymous says it’s identified 2 of Rehtaeh’s rapists

According to the CBC, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter has named four government departments which […]

Britain launches ‘ConFusion Cell’

The British government  has come up with something it’s calling Fusion Cell. “ […] the […]

IRS takes a look at Google’s free lunches

There could be an end  to free lunches  at Google, literally and metaphorically speaking. “For […]

How dark is the DarkNet?

Years ago  when I was still working as a paid writer  on a computer publication, […]

Just say No! to Kraft Mac & Cheese

Two food bloggers  want to  “demonize an iconic Canadian comfort food,”  says Joe O’Connor in the […]

Offshore tax havens — ICIJ video

Offshore tax havens, who uses them, and how they work »»» Also see Where the […]

Google vs privacy — infographic

Yesterday I did post headlined Are you being ‘Scroogled!’? That afternoon  I  had an email […]