Will Foreskin protestors crash Oprah’s Ottawa show tonight?

Just before the end of January,  “Delicacy prevents me from providing an illustration  of Glen […]

Rehtaeh Parsons — rest in peace

A  17-year-old Nova Scotia girl  who hanged herself after allegedly being raped at  a teenage […]

Are you being ‘Scroogled!’? …

…  You are if you’re paying attention to  Microsoft’slatest  anti-Google barrage. Because according to CTV […]

Anonymous vs North Korea

A hacker or hackers working as “Anonymous” claims to have broken into Uriminzokkiri.com, the North […]

WikiLeaks publishes the’Kissinger cables’

WikiLeaks has published more than 1.7 million US diplomatic and intelligence documents from the 1970s, says  Al […]

Members of the Good Old Boys club

Here’s a scary picture if ever there was one. Members of America’s exclusive Good Old […]

‘The Iron Lady’ Is dead

Margaret ‘Maggie’  Thatcher, UK prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 and nicknamed  by Russia “The […]

Baidu boards the Glass boat

Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google, has come up with Glass-like specs. However,  “no decision has […]

ICIJ ‘not an arm of law enforcement’

“The ICIJ is not an arm of law enforcement and is not an agent of […]