Iain Banks: ‘I am officially Very Poorly’

It’s not often  that a popular author  merits a mention on Slashdot,  but Iain Banks  […]

Dying for a job

A wannabe  television news reporter who decided one way to catch the attention  of Britain’s […]

Apple can’t register IPAD MINI trademark!

Apple has, over the years,  tried, and failed, to trademark various things, including words on […]

Georgia school’s first integrated prom

“I can’t believe this still goes on in the USA,” says Marc in an email. […]

High cost of rattling North Korea’s cage

The headline goes with a  Center for Public Integrity post  which continues »»» The U.S. […]

Casse toi pauvre con

It used to be a crime punishable by a hefty fine to tell the president […]

Weighing in at Samoa Air

“Pacific Islanders are a notoriously overweight population,”  says Shape, quoting Forbes. “With 80.4 percent of […]

Where the robber barons stash their loot

“They sought the utmost secrecy in offshore tax havens,” says the CBC, going on:. “But […]

Project Secrecy For Sale

In breaking news, as they say, this, from the  International Consortium of investigative Journalists »»» […]

Jong-un — paranoid schizophrenic

Yesterday,  I, my daughter Emma  and my wife, Liz,  went to  a South Korean restaurant   […]