Did Harper give Wright a $16 K parting prezzie?

Everyone everywhere  is now thoroughly familiar with, and sick  of, the unbelievable tale in which […]

‘Dude uses skateboard to fend off cougar …’

Earlier today I did a post  that was a kind of  addition  to the  Rob […]

‘In Canada, stories like this don’t happen.’ (Ford crack cocaine scandal)

Here’s another view of the Ford/crackocaine  story;  it’s from Stephen Marche  in Esquire magazine. He […]

Rob Ford crack cocaine saga — Part ??

“Two more staff members have abruptly left the office of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, following […]

Windows 8.1

Used to be,  when you saw a Windows blue screen, it spelled disaster: the dreaded […]

Duffy office worker says she may have been to blame

An admin assistant  who once worked for Mike Duffy has thrown herself on her sword, […]

Killer beaver

Here’s something you don’t see very often:  Canada’s national animal, the beaver, reportedly attacked and […]

PETA — pet euthanizing & termination association

Says the caption under the photo above Puppies killed by PETA in the back of […]

Mike Duffy in the kitchen

To further belabor the  continuing and disgusting Mike Duffy/ Steve Harper/Nigel Wright farce,  below are […]

Last (maybe first) laugh is on Mike Duffy

Newspaper satirist Dan Murphy’s editorial cartoon looks like a $50 bill — except it’s for […]