Harper’s government drops (a)nother really huge bollock

Marc Garneau – the only MP who’s flown in space – was quite rightly insulted […]

Media freedom at lowest level in more than 10 years: new report

Canada narrowly avoided total displacement  from the top 20 in the 2013 Reporters Without Borders […]


It’s interesting that  the three most viewed posts in Dammit  still center on  Amanda Todd […]

Tax haven scandals — the pigeons come home to roost

The revelations  that hundreds, if not thousands, of über-privileged people including politicians  (of course)  celebrities […]

Finfisher — ‘governmental intrusion’

What is it about  Britain’s Gamma International UK, purveyor of FinFisher  spyware, that makes it […]

FrostWire ‘Bullet’

When the corporate music cartels began using their ‘copyright  infringement su’em all campaign as the […]

Lobbyist to head up FCC?

Tom Wheeler, who’s headed lobbying associations for both the cable television and mobile phone industries, […]

J.P. Morgan — growing fatter off hunger

While the poor go hungry,  JP Morgan gets richer. “JP Morgan is the largest processor […]